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Objectives, Mission and Vision


We are the leading institution for professional golf in the Argentina promoting activities aimed to the development of the game; development of knowledge, techniques and research linked to the teaching and training for the associates and golfing community in general, and the development of strategies to achieve a range of rented competencies and services for golf professionals.


In the medium term, the Golf Profesional Association of  Argentina, will be an institution offering a broad academic program and training; with a solid research base, academic services of excellent level and recognised by a significant contribution to the development of golf for professionals and amateurs, in the region and the country.

It seeks to permanently ensure the realization of ideas and projects that benifts our institutional development for the benefit of our partners and to maintain and reposition the traditional image of the institution through the overcoming of  their own performance.


All institutional actions are governed by the following values:


Accept and actively practicing the recognition for the difference and the validity of work with others, directing our conduct towards achieving institutional outcomes


Work together for the effective achievement of the institutional mission, goals and objectives proposed.


An act within the framework of the constitutional and institutional principles, allowing a deep conviction of voluntary and solidarity service


Strong provision and permanent conviction for the achievement of the goals of the institution and act beyond the duty imposing on us the exercise, as participants in the institutional project


Always bear in mind that we will be willing to give timely response by each and every one of our actions pursuing the institutional mission, by freely accepting the consequences of our actions


All the actions of the members and participants of the institution will be recognized for their integrity and consistency both in their thinking and in their actions


Recognize the dignity that we possess in equal terms all members of the institution and the people that demand our service.



1. Coordination – optimize coordination and cooperation within the framework of the Convention framework between both entities PGA and TPG tour aimed at promoting proper integration and cooperation.

2. Communication – we understand that we have had a significant lack in communication. This will aim at the internal and external communication of actions and their results to items related to the positioning of brand, image and the institutional identity

3. Development of funds – there are many actions to be executed and so it is imperative to have the resources necessary to carry them out. Each action will require a budget that must be financed with funds generated for that purpose. In this respect, have planned extraordinary activities for its acquisition.

4. Training – much has been achieved in the field of training of our school, which makes it the only and main of all Latin America. There efforts will be strengthened for: the development of academic offerings at the public University, such subscribed Convention in a timely manner with the National University of General San Martín (UNSAM), the instrumentation of the tecnicatura distance to be launched this year, the re categorization of the instructors ranking, and encourage the realization of updating and training seminaries, among the most prominent.

5. Skills – related to the coordination of activities with the TPG tour, and in line with what has been done up to now ,rented skill, will produce a fixture that takes into account the improvement of such offer for all professional levels. The plan of improvement will be made known in opportunity to the associates to close the negotiations related to them.

6. Positioning, inter-agency relations and recognition – this management is convinced that achieving an efficient, transparent institution and hierarchy, gives you a place in the market of golf that makes it reliable to obtain the necessary resources for the development of all its activities, and achieve benefits for all partners and golf in general. Many of the actions that are running in this action plan impact considerable in this thematic axis, more planned actions to be followed in order to not loose sight of this very important aspect as last weekend tends to reach the hierarchy of a PGA, equivalent to that of other countries of the world, and to the recovery of the added value that has for clubs the Golf Professional and its performance with professionalism. To all this we must add, that they shall be maintained and startups all initiated inter-institutional relations and which not yet have achieved, in order to bring them our objectives, inform them of the institutional role that we look for in the market, and to set our policy in relation to various topics related to general and professional golf.

7. Legal Phase- have considered this aspect of much relevance, taking into account that this new management and projects must be accompanied by a policy framework to end, such as the case of the revision of the statutes and the efforts of rules and laws that govern or regulate future activity in our country and abroad.

8. Structure – currently the necessary structure has already been  designed to implement each of these goals and targets. One of the objectives of the plan has been already outlined institution-building implemented in a timely manner, the need for professionalization of management in its broadest sense. Part of this has been what has allowed the institution to reach this important phase. The main factor at this point won’t be the  future of human resources, if not  to develop economic resources to begin to work in the most efficient way as stated.


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